Elementary 40: Casual Summer Dress

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Casual clothing, what could be better than a casual afternoon, comfortable clothing, informal settings, and a feeling of chill? Well, for some the answer is that dressing up and looking fine more fun than life in a t-shirt and shorts. Whatever side you fall on, here’s the Portuguese language to go with it.

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 A: Fala o que quiser, mas nada é melhor do que usar shorts e camisetas.
Say what you will, but nothing is better than wearing shorts and t-shirts.
  B: É verdade, especialmente nesses dias de calor.
That’s true, especially on these hot days.
  A: E sabe o que mais? Adoro rasteirinha, tênis, ou chinelo mesmo.
And you know what else? I really love sandals, tennis shoes, or flip flops.
  B: Eu concordo, o conforto sempre ganha, né?
Agreed, comfort always wins out, right?
  A: Falando nisso, me empresta aquela blusa azul estampadinha, tá bom?
Speaking of which, lend me that patterned blue blouse, OK?
  B: Aquela sem manga? Claro, pode pegar.
The sleeveless one? Sure, feel free.


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  1. David Drysdale

    Chinelos AKA: Chinelos de dedo ou mesmo chinelos de borracha

  2. Joe wants to learn P

    It’s funny I signed up for gym (academia) here In recife and everyone dresses in cool workout gear in different outfits everyday. It’s been a great experience and highly recommend it to anyone visiting Brazil.

    1. Orlando Kelm

      I know what you mean, I just love the whole vibe and look of Brazilian academias. Olha pra quem malha!

  3. Max

    I wonder what the diminutive of rasteirinha would be? Rasteirinhazinha?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Hilarious Max! Probably we have the same problem with “galinha”!
      As to what I would say, chances are that I would say rasteirinha pequenininha (putting the diminutive ending on ‘pequeno’ and not on ‘rasteirinha’).