Elementary 27: I Hate Pets

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“Oh, look at the cute little puppy!” Well, some love to look at the cute little puppy, but others can only think of the awful sensation of shedding hair, licked faces, and smelly fur. Whether you are a pet lover or a pet despiser, we’ve got you covered to talk about it in Portuguese.

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 A: Você gosta mais de gato ou de cachorro?
Do you like cats or dogs more?
  B: Nenhum dos dois, sou alérgica aos animais domésticos.
Neither of the two, I’m allergic to pets.
  A: Mas os gatos são tão lindos, e os cachorros tem tanta personalidade!
But cats are so beautiful, and dogs have so much personality!
  B: E eles soltam pelos em todo lugar, é terrível.
And they shed fur everywhere, it’s terrible.
  A: Então nem se eu te desse um cachorrinho de presente?
So not even if I gave you a little puppy for a present?
  B: Não, por favor, nem assim aceitaria, detesto esses bichos.
Please don’t, I wouldn’t accept it, I hate these pets.

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