Elementary 04: What Is Today’s Special?

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Sure the daily specials are good too, but it is hard to beat the usual,
which in today’s lesson is a cheese bacon burger with fries and a soft drink. Learn about how to invite your friends to try something new to eat.

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 A: Ô Carlinhos, qual é o prato do dia?
Hey Carlinhos, what is the daily special?
  B: Hoje tem bife à milanesa com arroz e feijão.
Today is breaded steak with rice and beans.
  A: É? Como é? É bom?
Yeah? How is it? Is it good?
  B: É muito bom, você quer experimentar?
It’s really good, do you want to try it?
  A: Obrigada, prefiro o mesmo de sempre.
Thanks, I prefer the same as always.
  B: X-Bacon, batatas fritas, e um guaraná bem gelado, não é?
Cheese bacon, french fries, and a super cold guaraná, right?
  A: É isso mesmo.
You’ve got it.


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  1. Susan

    How curious that X-Bacon means “bacon cheeseburger,” with the “burger” part left out of the name altogether.

    I’ve also heard that “X-salada” means not a cheese salad, but a cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato.

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Exactly, and the amazing thing is that nobody will use “queijo” or “toucinho” when talking about a x-bacon. Likewise, nobody would say “x-ovo”, but instead would say “x-egg.” And this is amazing because outside of the context of burgers, no Brazilian would ever say “egg” but would always use “ovo.”