Beginning 06: Going To The Movies?

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Everyone is going to the movies, and Susana is going too. Do you want to come along? In this lesson find out how, and while you are at it, learn all about the verb IR, (to go).

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 A: Quando vocês vão ao cinema?
When are you going to the movies?
  B: Daqui a pouco, você quer ir?
Pretty soon, do you want to go?
  A: Não sei, a Susana também vai?
I don’t know, is Susana going too?
  B: Vai sim.
Yes she is.
  A: Ah, então eu também vou.
OK, then I’ll go too.


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  1. Bryan

    Thanks so much Orlando and Andrea! I am having a hard time with spoken Portuguese probably because I am a big reader and these lessons really help me. Eu nao falo espanhol mas eu gosto de Ta Falado tambem.

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Thanks Bryan,
      And you can’t believe how nice it has been to work with Andreia on this project too. It’s a fantastic team. We hope to be releasing lots more lessons too, so keep coming back often.

  2. Amy

    Oi Orlando! Eu tenho uma questão. Por que não fala “Quando vocês vão ir ao cinema”? Acho que tense furto e “ir + infinitive”. Obrigada!

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Oi Amy, sure enough, logic is that “vou ir” would make sense, but to Brazilians it seems rather redundant. It’s best to say, “eu vou amanhã” and not “eu vou ir amanhã”

      1. Amy

        Oh I understand now, thank you soooooo much!