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Slice of Life 45: Game Night
Many American families host game nights. These fun evenings unite the whole family, creating a fun, yet competitive, environment that can last for hours. Choosing which game to play can sometimes be the most stressful part, though.
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Slice of Life 44: BBQ Tonight
Summertime and outdoor BBQ, it seems to be the perfect combination. Whether you like your steak rare, medium, or well done, nothing beats outdoor cooking, with a little sizzle and that juicy steak. What’s for dinner? Beef!
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Slice of Life 43: Garage Sale
Garage sales, also known as yard sales or tag sales, are a great excuse for homeowners to get rid of clutter by selling their items. They usually last a day, and buyers come to hunt one-of-a-kind items for a cheap price.
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Slice of Life 42: Road trip
What is more traditional than jumping into the car, packing food and clothes, taking a road trip? We all have great memories of outings with friends and family. In today’s episode we relive the good times, thinking about the days when we kept the traditions alive. Are we there yet?
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Slice of Life 41: Choice Sheet
Choice sheets are used to determine the classes high students will have the next year. This frequently becomes a topic of discussion amongst many students, parents, and counselors. Students must choose the level of their required classes, as well as the electives they want to take. Eventually, the choice sheet will determine their schedule.
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Slice of Life 40: Surprise Party
Life is better when it’s full of parties. The fun starts with planning all the details, from food, to music, to the guest list. Even better is to throw a surprise party for a dear friend, who deserves to be celebrated in style.
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Slice of Life 39: Dollies for my Birthday
Image that you are four years old and it’s almost time for your birthday. What do you want? Well, an L.O.L. doll, isn’t it obvious! In this episode Abby lets us know all about L.O.L. dolls, just in case you are new to the world of surprise toys. It’s not only a lesson in English, it’s a lesson in what’s hot and cool in the world of young little girls who will soon have a birthday.
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Slice of Life 38: Spring Cleaning
For most people, any type of cleaning is an ordeal. Even worse when you have to face organizing your closet and deal with all those clothes and accessories that you have accumulated for years. But when you do this with your sister, it’s so much easier, even fun. And, oh, what a nice feeling to see a clean, well-organized closet!
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Slice of Life 37: Brunch
Everyone likes a nice brunch. It’s the weekend and we can get up late. Forget the morning rush and all the worries about school or work. It’s time to slow down and savor a yummy meal in the company of friends and/or family. Next thing you know, it’s dinner time!
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Slice of Life 36: Earth Day
Earth Day gives us an excuse to execute some kind of plan on what we want to do to respect our planet. In today’s episode, once again, we are going to try to build a compost pile. Wish us luck, because our previous attempts have been less than stellar. It’s worth it though, and the actual compost is awesome.
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