COERLL (The Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning), we provide the Língua da Gente audio podcast lessons as a free resource for all users everywhere.

In addition to the free podcast lessons, we are happy to offer an exciting option for those learners who would like to dig in a little deeper and study these lessons in greater detail. We have partnered with, who, by subscription, provides a full range of complete online and via tablet language services. Users who subscribe to the full-featured version of Língua da Gente at OpenLanguage receive the following additional benefits:

  • Audio recordings of all lessons and all dialogs
  • PDF files of all lesson dialogs and vocabulary
  • Interactive vocabulary lists of all words, including glossaries, translation, playback, record, and save features,
  • Expansion sentences of key terms, including all of the same features
  • Related Grammar lessons, with examples that include all of the breakdown, translations, and recording features
  • Lesson exercises, including matching, reordering, dictation, and multiple choice
  • Cultural observations and details.
  • Interactive and personalized synched vocabulary flashcards
All materials are available through a mobile app or directly online.
Users may subscribe to additional plans which include all of the other languages that are offered via OpenLanguage.

Visit the website for specific details on how to subscribe and what the various Standard, Friends & Family, and Unlimited subscriptions cost.