Beginning 70: Small talk VII – You cut your hair

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We all relate to the pressure of how to react to a hair cut, especially when we go with a new look or a new style. The good news is that in today’s dialog not only does our friend notice, but she lets us know that the new style is working well, está linda! Thank goodness, because we are always taking a chance with a new hair style.

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 A: Você cortou o cabelo, né? Está linda.
You cut your hair, right? It’s pretty.
  B: Cortei sim, você gosta? Eu ainda não sei, viu?
Yes, I got it cut. Do you like it? I'm still not sure, you know?
  A: Nada disso, está linda mesmo, combina com seu rosto.
No way, it’s really pretty, it goes well with your face.
  B: Obrigada, estava na hora mesmo de ter um novo estilo.
Thanks, it really was time to try a new style.

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