Beginning 54: Back Injuries Are The Worst

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What is more frustrating than back pain? Do you rest more or stretch more? Do you exercise more, or exercise less? Do you take medicine, or stop taking medicine. We can’t relieve the pain, but we can help you talk about it in Portuguese.

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 A: Com dor nas costas é melhor colocar uma compressa morna ou fria?
With back pain is it better to put on a hot or cold compress?
  B: Dizem uma morna, e fazer alongamento.
They say a warm one, and try stretching.
  A: E já não sei se eu devo fazer exercícios leves ou evitar eles 100%.
And I don’t know anymore if I should do light exercises or avoid them 100%.
  B: Seria melhor evitar esforços e não fazer exercícios como a musculação por exemplo.
It would be better to avoid exertion and not do exercises like weight lifting for example.

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