Beginning 43: Do You Like Your Job?

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You love your job, but it’s your boss who makes things difficult, right? Hey, we feel your pain, and after this lesson, we’ll be able to feel your pain, and talk about it, in Portuguese.

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 A: Ô pai, você gosta de seu trabalho?
Dad, do you like your job?
  B: Adoro, é do meu chefe que eu não gosto.
I love it, it’s my boss that I don’t like.
  A: Sério, pensei que ele fosse bem legal.
Really, I thought it was a really cool.
  B: Não, ele fica chateado a toa.
No, he gets upset easily.


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  1. Otto

    Hi Orlando & Daniela,

    Was that a Chico Buarque song you two were singing?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Hi Otto, Indeed! We were singing a line from Chico Buarque’s song entitled “a banda”, right? It is one of his most well-known, and one of the original that made him famous. Here’s a youtube link to A Banda:

  2. Otto

    Thanks for the link to the song. I was familiar with the tune and always thought it was a happy, carnavalesque, but now I’m starting to understand some portuguese, I realize there’s a serious undertone to it, ie criticism of the (then) oppressive government.
    Kind of remind me of a innocent looking sculpture Oscar Niemeyer once designed, that would show a hammer and sickle from a certain point of view.