Beginning 38: First Time In Brazil?

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We can pretend that the reason that we are traveling to Brazil is to work or to study, but in this lesson we learn how to confess what really motivates our travel. Listen and find out what.

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 A: Essa é a primeira vez que você vem ao Brasil?
Is this the first time that you have come to Brazil?
  B: É
It is.
  A: Você veio para trabalhar ou para estudar?
Did you come to work or to study?
  B: Eu vim para as praias e para as caipirinhas.
I came for the beaches and for the caipirinhas.


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  1. Amy

    Great lesson!

  2. Amy

    Why not used “isso” in the first line instead of “essa”? Cuz there is no noun after essa. Obrigada <3

    1. Orlando Kelm

      This is actually a really good question, and it has to do with what a person is “thinking” more than what a person is “saying.” ‘Isso’ is a noun and it represents the whole of idea of “this thing, this idea, this concept” while “essa” is an adjective that specifically modifies a feminine noun. When a person says ‘essa’ they are thinking of a specific feminine noun, even if it isn’t specifically mentioned. E.g., Isso é importante – this thing (concept, idea) is important. In the dialog, the phrase is Essa é a primeira vez… The adjective “essa” is associated with the feminine word “vez”

      1. Amy

        Eu entendi! Muito obrigada! Great lesson with great teachers! Really.