Beginning 49: Grandma’s Fruit Preserves

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Lots of us have great memories of watching grandma making jams and preserves. Picking the fruits, adding the sugar, putting it in jars, ahh the good old days with granny. In today’s lesson we reminisce about all of this and how great it was to have grandma around!

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 A: Pra mim, a melhor compota da vovó era a de figo.
To me the best preserves that grandma made were the fig ones.
  B: É, e a cocada com maracujá dela era fantástica também.
Yes, and her passion fruit coconut candy was fantastic too.
  A: Hoje em dia já não tem gente que faz os doces como antes, não é?
Nowadays people don’t make sweets like they used to, you know?
  B: É verdade, dá muito trabalho.
It’s true, it’s a lot of work.

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