Beginning 22: How Do You Spell That?

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Do you know how in English we sometimes aren’t sure if words are spelled with an ‘s’ or a ‘c’? The same thing happens for Brazilians in Portuguese. There are some words that are harder to spell. Let’s learn about that in today’s lesson.

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 A: Você escreve ‘atrasado’ com ‘s’ ou com ‘z’?
Do you write ‘atrasado’ with ‘s’ or with ‘z’?
  B: Atrasado, é com ‘s’.
‘Atrasado’ is with an ‘s’.
  A: E ‘piscina’, é com ‘s’ o com ‘c’?
And ‘piscina’, is it with an ‘s’ or with a ‘c’?
  B: ‘Piscina’ se escreve com os dois, P I S C I N A.
‘Piscina’ is written with both, P I S C I N A.


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  1. David


    E ‘piscina’, é com ‘s’ o com ‘c’?

    be “ou” instead of “o”?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      typo on our part, it should read “ou”. Nice catch!