Beginning 60: How To Tie A Tie

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Do you know how to tie a tie? Isn’t there something about a rabbit going around the hole and then back in the hole? If that is too complicated, let’s teach you how to tie a tie in Portuguese. Here we go!

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 A: Não sei direito dar nó em gravata, me dá uma ajuda aqui.
I don’t know how to tie a tie, give me a hand here.
  B: Tá, cruze o lado comprido por cima do lado curto.
OK, cross the long end in front of the short end.
  A: Assim?
Like this?
  B: Isso, e passe ele por dentro do buraquinho.
Right, and pull it through the little hole.
  A: Ah, entendi.
OK, got it.
  B: E passe ele outra vez por atrás pro outro lado.
And pass it again behind and go through the other side.
  A: Assim, né?
Like this, right?
  B: Isso, e passa pela frente, e enfia a volta que fez, Isso.
Right, and pass it in front, and thread it through the loop you made, right.
  A: OK, entendi.
OK, I understand.
  B: Isso, e agora puxe a ponta e deslize a parte larga para formar o nó.
Right, and now pull the end down, and slide the large side to make the knot.
  A: OK, entendi.
OK, I understand.

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