Beginning 31: Is Mr. Oliveira In?

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Sometimes it is difficult to ask for information on the phone, partly because you cannot see who you are talking to. In today’s lesson we make things a little easier by giving you the words that you need to say and the words that you will probably hear.

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 A: Bom dia, o Sr. Marcos Oliveira está aí?
Good morning, is Mr. Marcos Oliveira there?
  B: Desculpa, hoje ele foi para São Paulo.
I’m sorry, today he went to São Paulo.
  A: Sério? Quando é que ele volta?
Really? When is he going to return?
  B: Só amanhã de noite.
Only tomorrow night.


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  1. Andrew

    Obrigado! This is such a great podcast – de noite just like de tarde – It makes total sense.