Beginning 59: Is That Xote Or Baião?

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One of the great things about Brazil, musically, is that the different regions are extremely diverse. From the Northeast region you will hear music that has almost a reggae type of rhythm, fast and slow, that is played with accordion, a triangle, and a drum called a zabumba. In today’s lesson we talk about forró, baião, and xote. You are gonna love it.

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 A: De onde veio o Luiz Gonzaga?
Where did Luiz Gonzaga come from?
  B: O Rei do Baião.., o Gonzagão..., ele veio de Pernambuco.
The King of Baião…, the Big Gonzaga…, he is from Pernambuco.
  A: Como eu gosto o som da sanfona, sabia?
Man I like the sound of the accordion, you know?
  B: Claro, junto com o triângulo e a zabumba, é perfeito.
I know, together with the triangle and the zabumba they are perfect.


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  1. sophie

    “Como eu gosto o som da sanfona, sabia?” should this be ” como eu gosto DO som da sanfona” ?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Hey Sophie, indeed, one would expect “eu gosto do som…” Nice observation! As to what happened, well, sometimes things don’t always go according to the normal rules. Still, it would be best to say “eu gosto do som da sanfona.”