Beginning 21: Is This A Good Color?

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Men, we all relate to the pressure of being asked by a women if a certain article of clothing looks good or not. Ladies, ya’ll are beautiful, you can wear either the blue or the red blouse. You look great either way. However, we still need to learn how to handle this situation in Portuguese, and that is the objective of today’s lesson. And, we should learn the names of some colors too.

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 A: O que você acha da cor dessa blusa?
What do you think of the color of this blouse?
  B: Está bom.
It’s fine.
  A: Será que aquela azul não fica melhor?
Don’t you think that this blue one is better?
  B: Não, essa vermelha está boa.
No, that red one is just fine.


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  1. Jim Fuller

    In the second line he says “Está bom” and in the fourth line he says “está boa” Since both cor and blusa are feminine, why not use “boa” in both places?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Hi Jim, good question. Sometimes our analysis of the grammar is more precise than what really goes on in people’s minds. Indeed, technically since the nouns are feminine, the adjectives should be feminine too. However, since the general sense is that everything is fine, that abstract feeling takes over. In such cases, native speakers will often go with the general feel, rather than the specific grammar. I’m not saying that Brazilians don’t focus on agreement, only that it isn’t always as deep as what those of us who are learning the language would think. Hope that helps, Orlando