Beginning 12: Let’s Take The Subway

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Oh man, when we talk about how crowded the subways can be in Brazil, we really mean full. Put a smile on your face, squeeze in a little tighter, and plan on meeting new people in a personal way. In today’s lesson we learn about talking about subways, and suggesting that we take the subway.

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 A: Vamos pegar o metrô?
Let’s take the subway?
  B: Essa hora não, está muito lotado.
Not at this hour, it’s really full.
  A: Eu sei, mas é mais rápido.
I know, but it’s much faster.
  B: Tá bom, vamos.
OK, let’s go.


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  1. Myriam Tesse

    Hello Orlando,

    I enjoy your lessons very very much. You’re doing a great job! Thanks for that. And the additional vocabulary is really very useful. I love that.
    But in this lesson, there’s a word I couldn’t translate : uma carona. Does the ‘ona’ ending mais it a big ‘caro’ like a limousine or a big car to carry lots of people? Is it specific to Brasil ? I checked on internet but couldn’t fine any translation. Could you please help me.
    Thanks again for this amazing podcast.

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Hey Myriam. First off, thanks for the good words! Always appreciated.
      As to carona, that’s a Brazilians way to talk about giving someone a ride. “Posso te dar uma carona para a casa.” (I can give you a ride home.)

      1. Myriam Tesse

        Thanks a lot Orlando .

  2. Leslie Dolman

    I just found this resource and can’t believe how good it is!! Thank you for all of the work that has gone into it. It truly is an incredible resource.

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Obrigado Leslie, And it’s always nice to meet a fellow Canadian!