Beginning 23: Meeting Your New Professor

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It’s always nice to meet someone new, and in this lesson we meet our new professor, who is nice enough to invite us in for a chat.

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 A: Com licença, o Professor João está aqui?
Excuse me, is Professor João here?
  B: Sou eu, em que eu posso ajudar?
That’s me. How can I help you?
  A: Bom dia, meu nome é Daniela, sou nova aluna em sua aula.
Hi, I’m Daniela, a new student in your class.
  B: Ah é, prazer, pode entrar, senta.
Ah yes, good to meet you, come on in and take a seat.


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  1. Rie

    Hi. I just noticed that in the written text it says “sou nova aluna em sua aula” but in the dialog Dainela actually says “sou aluna nova na sua sala.” I find it interesting. So are both acceptable?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Hi Rie, excellent question. Technically there is a difference. The basic rule is, when the adjective comes after the noun it ‘limits’ the noun. So, for example, montanhas altas (out of all the mountains, we are only referring to the tall ones). When the adjective comes before the noun, it doesn’t limit, but simply added parenthetical or additional information. So, altas montanhas (the mountains, which by the way are also tall). In the case of nova aluna and aluna nova, it is the same issue, but we are kind of being more technical than Daniela was.
      I will say that often when nova comes after the noun it means “young” So a “rapaz novo” could be a young boy. Anyway, that will get us rolling.

  2. Dondon

    Hi Orlando,

    Who is the guy in the dialogue? I like his voice, phrasing, and delivery. He has ‘laughter’ in his voice which I find arresting. Hope you’ll use him more.

    Great lessons by the way, I’m enjoying and looking forward to every lesson. Hope to be fluent within the year.

    All the best!

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Hey Dondon, How fun that you noticed his voice. Rodrigo is a colleague friend of mine from Espirito Santo. He just happened to be visiting in Austin, Texas. And I asked him to record the dialog with us. Unfortunately you won’t hear his voice very often, but it’s delightful to know that you noticed.

  3. Tony

    Oi Orlando e Daniela,
    Adoro suas aulas, são perfeitas! Muito obrigado,