Beginning 58: New At Capoeira

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How is it possible to watch capoeira and not want to give it a try? Even if you don’t think you could ever make those moves, there is still a part of you that at least wants to play the berimbau. In today’s lesson we at least get you started, by giving you some Portuguese language skills related to talking about capoeira.

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 A: Olha aí Eduardo, você pegou mesmo o jeito desse aú aberto, hein?
Look at that Marcos, you’ve really caught on to these cartwheels.
  B: Meio fechado ainda, mas a gente tem que ter a ginga, não é?
They are still a little closed, but you gotta have a little ginga, right?
  A: Desde quando você faz capoeira?
How long have you been doing capoeira?
  B: Comecei tocando berimbau um ano atrás, e pouco a pouco eu decidi fazer mais.
I started playing berimbau about a year agao, and little my little I decided to do more.

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