Beginning 56: New Possibilities When Texting

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How many times do you send and receive texts per day? For some it is over 100 times, every day. Given that, we have to have a lesson about all the new options when texting.

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 A: Olha só, agora dá pra mandar mensagens com tinta invisível, que legal.
Hey look now you can send messages with invisible ink, cool.
  B: Que que faz para revelar o conteúdo?
What do you do to reveal the contents?
  A: É só deslizar o dedo na tela.
You just slide your thumb on the screen.
  B: Incrível, não é? Me explica como se faz isso.
Amazing, isn’t it? Show me how you do that.


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  1. Arthur

    Hi Orlando:

    I have listened to first line of the dialogue over and over again, at regular speed, half-speed and even quarter-speed.

    I’m pretty sure the speaker is saying “mensagem” in the singular.

    I know in the lesson portion, you are definitely saying “mensagens”, in the plural.

    Enlighten me, please. Is there some fine point of grammar here?


    1. Orlando Kelm

      Uau Arthur, você é bom demais! E tem razão, a Sandra disse “mensagem” no singular e não “mensagens” no plural! Some day I’m going to hire you as an editor!