Beginning 30: Passion Fruit Juice

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The fruit juices in Brazil are fantastic. Really, our recommendation is that among the first things you ever do in Brazil is to try the different fruit juices. There are hundreds of tropical fruits and many make excellent juices. This lesson will get you started, and you will also learn the Portuguese necessary to experience new flavors.

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 A: O que é isso?
What is this?
  B: Suco de maracujá, tu quer?
Passion fruit juice, would you like some?
  A: Obrigada. Você gosta?
Thanks. Do you like it?
  B: Gosto, mas é um pouco azedo sem açúcar.
I like it, but it’s a little sour without sugar.


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  1. Andrew

    It’s interesting how the guy refers to her as tu, and she then replies, referring the him as você. I guess they’re not employing a different level of formality? And so it’s just regional, like an accent almost?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Indeed, the use of Tu/você isn’t really a matter of formality in Brazil. It is much more a matter of regional dialect. You are correct. Now, the use of “o senhor” is a matter of formality, but not tu vs. você.