Beginning 75: Salad, who wants a salad!

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It’s one thing to think of salad as a fresh, healthy food. But we’ve all had the experience of opening the fridge, only to find that the lettuce is brown, the tomatoes are old, and the cucumbers are mushy. It’s enough to take away your appetite. It doesn’t matter what language you are using, that kind of food is gross.

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 A: Eu vou preparar uma salada. Você gosta mais de que? De rúcula, ou grião, ou alface?
I’m going to make a salad. Would you like rucula, or watercress, or lettuce?
  B: Não tem ainda aquela maionese na geladeira.
Isn’t there still some mayonnaise salad in the refrigerator?
  A: Olha, até tem, mas já faz um tempão que a gente guardou ela, então eu nem sei se ela tá boa ainda.
You know, there is, but it’s being forever since I put it there, I don’t know if its any good anymore.
  B: Sim! Ela está estragada, ai que nojo! Agora perdi até o apetite.
Wow, it’s gone bad, how disgusting! I think I’ve lost my appetite.

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