Beginning 64: Small talk I – Meeting strangers

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As part of our ‘small talk’ series, here’s an example of how to finally introduce yourself to a person that you have seen for a long time. Finally, it’s good to meet you!

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 A: Todo dia a gente se vê nessa ponto de ônibus e nunca nos apresentamos. Bom dia, meu nome é Diana.
Every day we see each other here at the bus stop and we’ve never introduced ourselves. Good morning, my name is Diana.
  B: Bom dia Diana, meu nome é Claudio, prazer.
Good morning Diana, my name is Claudio, nice to meet you.
  A: Muito prazer. Você também mora aqui nesse prédio?
Nice to meet you. Do you also live in this building?
  B: Moro, junto com minha tia e o Wellington, meu cachorrinho.
I do, together with my aunt and Wellington, my puppy.

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