Beginning 72: Small talk IX – Sports fans

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How big of a statement are you making when you wear clothing with your teams name and logo? For some it’s a bold declaration of passion, for others it was merely a clean shirt in the closet. Either way, it’s bound to call attention, which as learners of Portuguese is a perfect excuse to strike up a conversation.

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 A: Hein, camisa do Vitória. Eu não sabia que você gosta de futebol!
Hay, a Vitoria shirt. I didn’t know that you like soccer!
  B: Também não sou muito fanática não, mas gosto deles sim.
I'm not really all that much of a fan, but I do like them yes.
  A: Você também vai para os jogos?
Do you also go to their games?
  B: Normalmente assisto só na televisão, é mais fácil.
Normally I just watch them on TV, it’s much easier.


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