Beginning 68: Small talk V – Need a break.

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Some days we work so long and so hard at work that we don’t evn realize how long we’ve been sitting. It’s good to get up, move around, stretch your body, divert your attention to something else, can take a break. Even better, take a load off with a friend or colleague, and sit down for a refreshing coffee break. And even better yet, learn how to do so in Portuguese.

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 A: Nossa, mas que dia! Você também está ocupado?
Wow, what a day! Are you busy too?
  B: Estou, nem me levantei da cadeira o dia todo.
I am, I didn’t get out of the chair all day.
  A: Vamos tomar um cafezinho?
How about we go have some coffee?
  B: Vamos, preciso mover o corpo um pouco.
Let’s go, I need to move my body a little bit.

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