Beginning 69: Small talk VI – Love those shoes

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What’s better than finding the perfect shoes online? Having a friend who recognizes how good looking those shoes are, and then asks you about them. Don’t worry, in the dialog we promise to send you the link, in Portuguese of course.

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 A: Ô Ana Clara, eu adorei esses sapatos, eles ficam muito bem com esse vestido.
Hey Ana Clara, I love those shoes, they go really well with that dress.
  B: Obrigada, e são muito confortáveis, dá pra usar o dia inteiro.
Thanks, and they are really comfortable, you can wear them all day.
  A: Onde é que você comprou eles?
Where did you buy them?
  B: Comprei online, depois te passo o link.
I bought them online, later I’ll send you the link.


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  1. Herm Sullivan

    What happened to the “f” in “eles ficam muito bem”?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      what a fun question! I had to go back and listen a bunch of times to see what you might have heard. I actually did here the “f” in ficam, but I can see where it might be hard to catch in a stream of speech. Not to sound all technical, but both “s” and “f” are voiceless fricatives, meaning both have a lot of noisy friction in their pronunciation, in that sense they are quite similar. Chance are you are hearing that noisy friction. Dang those Brazilians talk fast!