Beginning 73: Small talk X – Little League

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What’s more entertaining, watching the little kids play ball or watch the parents as the reaction to their children who are playing ball. In today’s lesson some parents are in the bleachers chatting as their kids are playing. Both seem to be fairly chill, which is good because sometimes the parents can go a little crazy. Nothing crazy about learning how to talk about this in Portuguese.

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 A: Seu filho está jogando também?
Is your son playing too?
  B: Tá. É aquele altão que parece meio perdido.
He is. He’s that tall one that look a little lost.
  A: É engraçado ver as crianças jogarem, né?
It’s fun to watch the kids play, isn’t it?
  B: É, e ele adora jogar, e nem sabe se o time ganha ou não.
It is, and he loves to play, and he doesn’t even know if the team is winning or not.

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