Beginning 74: Stopping by the market

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Since someone is stopping by the supermarket anyway, it’s only polite to ask if there is anything you need. It’s always nice to be nice! And today we learn how to be nice in Portuguese too.

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 A: Ô bem, eu vou passar lá no Pão de Açúcar. Você precisa de alguma coisa?
Dear, I’m heading to Pão de Açúcar. Do you need anything?
  B: Pega mais algumas azeitonas, tá bom?
Get some more olives, OK?
  A: Da verde ou da preta?
The green or black ones?
  B: Olha, compra mais das verdes, acho que 300 gramas está bom.
Buy some green ones, I think 300 grams should be OK.

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