Beginning 37: The Dog Ran Away!

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We love our pets. Well, mostly we love our pets, but they can be a lot of work. In today’s lesson the dog runs away. But just how sad is that going to make everyone?

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 A: O Bibo fugiu mesmo.
Bibo really ran away.
  B: Não culpo ele. Também ninguém brincava mais com ele.
I don’t blame him. Nobody even played with him anymore.
  A: Mesmo assim, Marquinhos vai ficar chateado, não é?
Still, Marquinhos is going to be upset, right?
  B: Chateado ou aliviado? O Bibo só dava trabalho.
Upset or relieved? Bibo just caused a lot of work.


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  1. Amy

    Thank you so much! This lesson helped me to understand that ‘o/a/lo/la’ thing. Great lesson again!