Beginning 20: The Door Is Locked

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How is it possible that we always misplace our keys, even when they are in our pocket or purse! It happens all the time, admit it. So it only makes sense that we learn that same conversation in Portuguese, which is the topic of today’s lesson.

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 A: Ei! A porta está trancada?
Hey! Is the door locked?
  B: Você não tem a chave não?
Don’t you have the key?
  A: Não, quem tem a chave é você.
No, you’re the one who has the key.
  B: Ah é, está aqui na bolsa.
Oh yeah, it’s here in my purse.


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  1. Tatiana Vega

    Awesome!!!, I learnt a lot. I percived in last sentence “está aqui”, two vowels “a” link together and word “está” reduced to “tá”

    Is it true?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Orlando Kelm

      How fun to hear the difference, congrats!