Beginning 48: The Tangerines Are Awesome

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Feiras or markets, what a fantastic way to enjoy a couple of hours, do some excellent shopping, and also hear tons of everyday language. Remember to taste the foods, just see verify the ones that you really want to buy. In today’s lesson the seller has some good bananas, but the buyer is also looking for some tangerines. Enjoy!

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 A: Banana nanica, banana prata, banana maçã!
Cavendish banana, Chunky/Burro banana, Manzano banana!
  B: Bom dia, o senhor tem mexerica hoje?
Good morning sir, do you have tangerines?
  A: Bom dia senhora, tem sim, essas são bem boas.
Good morning ma’am, yes we do, these are really good.
  B: Tá, me dá uma dúzia dessas, tá bom?
OK, give me a dozen of them, OK?


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  1. michelle

    thank you for the podcast! I’m not sure why he says “tem sim…” instead of “tenho sim” in the first person. Is it because “ter” here is used more generally (like “yes, there are tangerines”)?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Exactly, tem more often than not takes on the meaning of “there is” or “there are.” Tem sim is like saying “there is, yes.”