Beginning 28: Who Is that Guy?

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Girl talk, you know, “Who is that handsome guy over there?” Guys, it may be an illusion on your part. Chances are that they are not talking about you. But then again, maybe they are. And in today’s lesson, at least we learn to talk about other people in Portuguese.

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 A: Um, quem é ele?
Um, who is he?
  B: Quem? Aquele ali do lado.
Who? That guy over on that side.
  A: Ele, aquele altão, bonitão.
Him, that really tall, really handsome guy.
  B: Ah ele, ele é o primo do Carlinhos.
Oh, him, he is Carlinhos’ cousin.


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    1. Orlando Kelm

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  1. Maria

    Very good podcast

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    1. Orlando Kelm

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