Beginning 57: X-Tudo Meu Amigo!

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Forget the famous food chains, if you want a burger in Brazil, check out the guy with the corner stand. Brazilian X-tudo comes with all the extras, and when we day “tudo” we mean everything. Bring it on, and bring on a lesson to talk about it in Portuguese.

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 A: De preferência, o que você gosta de colocar no X-Tudo?
What do you like to put on your X-tudo burger?
  B: Bom, como dizem, com tudo: carne, bacon, presunto, queijo, alface, tomate, cebola, tudo.
Well, as they say, with everything: meat, bacon, ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, everything.
  A: E que tal o maionese ou ovo?
How about mayonnaise and egg?
  B: O ovo sim, mais prefiro o catchup a maionese.
Egg yes, but I prefer ketchup to mayonnaise.


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  1. Joe

    Why is it not
    Do que mayonnaise? I don’t quite understand this “a” before verbs but u see it a lot. For example “daqui a pouco”

    1. Joe

      Whoops that a decent example but I meant before verbs like “tenho uma imagem a zelar”

    2. Orlando Kelm

      Super question Joe. In fact it could be both. Think of the English phrases: “I like ketchup more than mayonnaise” or “I prefer ketchup to mayonnaise.” Basically we have the same option in Portuguese. Myself, I probably would have said it the way you do Joe, “gosto de maionese mais do que ketchup.” but either is fine.