Beginning 10: Your Sister Is Beautiful

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Not only is Paulo’s sister beautiful, looks like Paulo thinks he is pretty good looking too! In this lesson we learn how to give a complement, and ask someone what he or she thinks about things. Grammatically, we take on possessive pronouns (my, your, his, her, etc.).

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 A: Nossa, Paulo, sua irmã é linda!
Wow, Paulo, your sister is beautiful!
  B: Você acha? E o irmão dela? Lindo também, não é?
You think so? And how about her brother? Good looking too, right?
  A: Você tem outro irmão?
You’ve got another brother?
  B: Não, só eu!
No, it’s me!


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  1. Joe Cash

    So to say “AND HOW about her brother” you say literally
    the brother of her. Can you also use “e que tal …….”?

    It’s funny cause when i listened to the dialogue, I could hardly hear the question intonation in his voice. However if i heard “que tal” as an english speaker learning Portuguese, this would be easier for me to understand. I’m guessing it’s more common to hear “e o/ e a” rather than que tal.

    thanks for the lesson.

    1. Orlando Kelm

      You are correct Joe, if you had said “que tal” chances are that it would have been even easier to have understood. Notice that we can do the same thing in English, “and her brother?” “and how about her brother?” The intonation is what actually gives it away, and it is more subtle.


    In the dialogue, it is suggested that I refer to the lesson notes for futher clarification. How do I bring up the Notes?

    Thank you, Larry

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Hi Larry,
      Opps, I was referring to the printed dialog. Additional notes, commentary, exercises, vocabulary, etc. are also provided for each lesson when one goes to the site. I know it’s a bit confusing, but the Língua da Gente lessons are offered for free from our UTexas site, and they are also offered as a premium service from

  3. H.O.King

    Hi Orlando, do Brazilians use the possessives vosso/vossa/vossos/vossas and if so under what circumstances ? I know they do in Portugal. Thanks.

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Hey HO, short answer, no. Brazilians do not use vosso. So, for example, ‘your book’ is simply ‘seu livro.’ Alternatively you could say, ‘o livro de vocês’

      1. Amy

        Bom dia! Why not say ‘o livro de você’ here? I thought ‘seu livro’ means ‘your book’ and ‘o livro de vocês’ means ‘your guys’ book’.

      2. Amy

        Oi Orlando! Posso falar ‘o livro de você’ to mean ‘seu livro’? Muito obrigada!