Elementary 51: Backseat Drivers

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Backseat drivers, gotta love ‘em! Well, not really, but in today’s lesson we at least appreciate where they are coming from, but we also learn to tell them to calm down a bit.

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 A: Olha o carro!
Watch out for the car!
  B: Tá, já vi.
OK, I saw it.
  A: Cuidado com o pedestre!
Careful with the pedestrian!
  B: Tá, já sei!
OK, I know!
  A: Olha lá, tá freando, ô!
Watch out, he’s braking there!
  B: Para Cecilia, você quer dirigir?
Stop it Cecilia, do you want to drive?
  A: Não, tudo bem..., cuidado, cuidado!
No, it’s fine…, careful, careful!
  B: Que que foi?
What was it?
  A: Ah desculpa, pensei que o motoqueiro ia cortar em frente.
Oh, sorry, I thought that motorcycle driver was going to cut in front.
  B: Sinceramente Cecilia, calma aí menina!
Seriously Cecilia, calm down girl!

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