Elementary 72: Brazilian Breakfast

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Sometimes we just want to go back to our comfort food. And in today’s lesson, that means going back to a traditional Brazilian breakfast, complete with papaya, bread, butter, and coffee with milk. It’s a pretty great way to start a day, and even more so when you can talk about it in Portuguese.

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 A: Nossa, esse café da manhã está muito parecido com aquele nosso do Brasil.
Wow, this breakfast looks a lot like ours in Brazil.
  B: Sim, é verdade. Hoje eu resolvi ir ao mercado comprar mamão, pão integral, manteiga, e claro café e leite. É um café de manhã um pouco mais leve do que o americano.
That is right, yes. Today I decided to go to the store to by papaya, French bread, butter, and of course coffee and milk. It’s a breakfast that’s a bit lighter than the American.
  A: E que não deixa nada a desejar.
And doesn’t leave you wanting anything.
  B: Com certeza.
For sure.

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