Elementary 69: Buying tools or not

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What kind of present do you get when you know that your friend is a little particular about things? Go ahead and bat around a few ideas, but it may be easier just to get a gift coupon and let him get what he wants later. And to help the discussion move along, in today’s lesson we do it all in Portuguese.

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 A: Eu estava aqui pensando, alguma ideia do que a gente poderia comprar para o aniversário do Carlos?
Do you have any idea what we could get for Carlos’ birthday?
  B: Olha, eu sei que a parafusadeira dele pifou a semana passada.
I know that his screw driver died last week.
  A: Boa ideia, e talvez um kit de brocas e parafusos também, né? O que você acha?
That’s a good idea, and maybe a box of bits and screws too, right? What do you think?
  B: Eu não sei não, viu? Carlos é tão enjoado com a essa coisa de marca e qualidade das ferramentas dele.
I don’t know, you know? Carlos is pretty particular about brands and quality of this tools.
  A: É verdade, eu concordo, pode ser que ele prefere escolher a marca e o tamanho.
Yeah, I agree, he probably wants to choose his own brand and size.
  B: Nesse caso, vamos dar para ele um cupom de desconto.
In that case, let’s give him a discount coupon.


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  1. Bern Hyland

    Hey – noticed a typo you might want to correct. “Pode ser que ele prefere” is actually “pode ser que ele prefira” in the dialogue.

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Nice catch Bern! Thanks for listening and following!

      1. Bern Hyland

        De nada, Senhor!