Elementary 40: Casual Summer Dress

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Casual clothing, what could be better than a casual afternoon, comfortable clothing, informal settings, and a feeling of chill? Well, for some the answer is that dressing up and looking fine more fun than life in a t-shirt and shorts. Whatever side you fall on, here’s the Portuguese language to go with it.

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 A: Fala o que quiser, mas nada é melhor do que usar shorts e camisetas.
Say what you will, but nothing is better than wearing shorts and t-shirts.
  B: É verdade, especialmente nesses dias de calor.
That’s true, especially on these hot days.
  A: E sabe o que mais? Adoro rasteirinha, tênis, ou chinelo mesmo.
And you know what else? I really love sandals, tennis shoes, or flip flops.
  B: Eu concordo, o conforto sempre ganha, né?
Agreed, comfort always wins out, right?
  A: Falando nisso, me empresta aquela blusa azul estampadinha, tá bom?
Speaking of which, lend me that patterned blue blouse, OK?
  B: Aquela sem manga? Claro, pode pegar.
The sleeveless one? Sure, feel free.


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  1. David Drysdale

    Chinelos AKA: Chinelos de dedo ou mesmo chinelos de borracha

  2. Joe wants to learn P

    It’s funny I signed up for gym (academia) here In recife and everyone dresses in cool workout gear in different outfits everyday. It’s been a great experience and highly recommend it to anyone visiting Brazil.

    1. Orlando Kelm

      I know what you mean, I just love the whole vibe and look of Brazilian academias. Olha pra quem malha!

  3. Max

    I wonder what the diminutive of rasteirinha would be? Rasteirinhazinha?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Hilarious Max! Probably we have the same problem with “galinha”!
      As to what I would say, chances are that I would say rasteirinha pequenininha (putting the diminutive ending on ‘pequeno’ and not on ‘rasteirinha’).

  4. Karli A Lomax

    When talking about sandals, does it become plural (rasteirinhas)?

    For example, “eu tenho rasteirinhas pretas.”

    Thank you

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Indeed, you can use the plural, although be aware that often Brazilians use the singular, even when our English-speaking brain things of things in the singular.