Elementary 30: Confusing Subway Station

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The subway in São Paulo is quite impressive, with new lines that have been added in recent years. It is easy to figure out, easy to get around, and very convenient. We do warn you, however, that the trains can get completely full. Get ready to squeeze in, but thanks to this lesson, you will be able to do so in Portuguese.

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 A: Nossa, que confusão aqui nesse metrô!
Wow, there is so much confusion here at this subway!
  B: Essa é a entrada para a linha verde ou a linha vermelha?
Is this the entrance to the green line or the red line?
  A: Não sei, será que é a mesma para as duas.
I don’t know, maybe it’s the same for both.
  B: Também não sei, vamos perguntar para alguém.
I don’t know either, let’s ask somebody.
  A: Aqui, é aqui que cê entra para a linha verde?
Excuse me, is this the entrance to the green line here?
  C: É. Passa por aqui, e logo à direita.
Yes, go in here, and then to the right.


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  1. David

    Is the cê just short for você?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Indeed, cê is short for você. However, it is a little tricky. Notice that it can happen at the beginning of a sentence, “cê quer falar comigo?” (do you want to talk to me). But você doesn’t get reduced at the end of the sentence. That is, you cannot say, *”eu quero falar com cê.” (I want to talk to you.) Weird, but that’s the way it is.