Elementary 32: Did You Like The Movie?

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Going to the movies is much more involved than it used to be. You used to be able to just choose the movie. Now you decide on 3D, fancy seats, assigned seating, apps to download, meals and treats, early shows, it’s much more involved. Still, the language you need to talk about what you like and dislike about the movies, you’ve got it in this lesson.

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 A: Você gostou do filme?
Did you like the movie?
  B: Foi bom, mas sabe, acho que até prefiro assistir em casa, viu?
It was good, but you know, I think that I actually prefer to watch them at home, you know?
  A: Sei, é mais barato, e a gente pode sentar onde e como quiser.
I know, it’s cheaper, and you can sit where and how you want to.
  B: Exato, e é chato ter que sofrer quase 30 minutos com esses trailers.
Exactly, and it is so boring to suffer through 30 minutes of these previews.
  A: Mas você não acha legal ver os efeitos de 3D numa tela gigante?
But don’t you think it’s cool to see the 3D effects on a big screen?
  B: Não, pra mim, eu prefiro o conforto e flexibilidade da minha casa.
No, for me, I prefer to comfort and flexibility of my home.


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  1. Spencer

    I believe “to comfort” on the final dialog line should be “the comfort.”

    Much love.

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Obrigado Spencer, acho que você tem razão…