Elementary 01: Did You Sleep Well?

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6:30am can seem so early sometimes! How about we sleep a little longer, OK? Learn how to ask what time it is, and while you are at it, suggest that we sleep just a little more.

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 A: Bom dia, você dormiu bem?
Good morning, did you sleep well?
  B: Mais ou menos. Que horas são?
More or less. What time is it?
  A: Seis e meia, ainda é muito cedo.
Six-thirty, it’s still really early.
  B: Vamos dormir um pouco mais!
Let’s sleep a little more!
  A: Tá, mais um pouquinho só.
OK, just a little more.


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  1. Zach Thompson

    Muito obrigado pelo video util!

    It was interesting, in the dialogue, it really sounds like the man is pronouncing “muito cedo” as “mucho cedo.” I know that’s not correct but it really sounds like he’s saying it that. Andreia does pronounce it very clear though.


    1. Orlando Kelm

      Yea, that is interesting. You know, historically, that is exactly what happened. “muito” has a vowel sound that causes palatalization (the “ch” sound in Spanish). Over time the palatalization took hold in Spanish and resulted in “mucho”. The same thing happened in words like leche-leite. We do the same thing in English when we say “watcha” for “what are you”. Having said all that, I love the way Brazilians pronounce “muito”, with a strong nasal sound from the initial “m” and a long first syllable and a short final syllable, kind of like mmuuii-tu.