Elementary 62: Florianopolis Is Growing

Photo: CC BY Joe Cashmen

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Without a doubt Florianopolis is one of those fantastic cities that makes Santa Catarina shine Even if you have never been there, this lesson gives you a change to talk about it and ask others about their opinions of this classic city.

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 A: Lembra quando o trânsito aqui em Florianópolis era tranquilo?
Remember when traffic here in Florianopolis was good?
  B: Hoje em dia tá pior do que São Paulo.
Nowadays it’s worse than São Paulo.
  A: Exagera não Eduardo, nada é pior do que São Paulo.
Don’t exaggerate Eduardo, nothing is worse than São Paulo.
  B: Mesmo assim, olha lá, tá tudo engarrafado.
Still, look how it’s all clogged up!
  A: Sei, vamos sair nessa pra pegar a Benvenuta.
I know, let’s get off here to get on Benvenuta.
  B: Essa a esquerda? Tá, vou pegar essa mesma.
This one to the left? OK, I’ll take this one.

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