Elementary 35: Galaxy or iPhone?

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Android or Apple, that is a question we all seem to face nowadays. Cost, quality, reputations, features, there is a lot that goes into the decision. Whichever you decide to buy, this lesson gives you the vocabulary to talk about the issues involved. Good luck in your purchase.

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 A: Nossa, o Galaxy é quase a metade do preço do iPhone!
Wow, the Galaxy is almost half the price of the iPhone!
  B: Sei, e os megapixels da câmera são melhores também.
I know, and the megapixels of the camera are better too.
  A: Mas o iPhone ganha na resolução do vídeo.
But iPhone wins in the resolution of the video.
  B: Qual você acha que vai comprar?
Which do you think you are going to buy?
  A: Olha, não sei, viu? Sempre gostei muito da Apple, seria difícil mudar.
I don’t know, you know? I have always liked Apple, it would be hard to change.
  B: É, exatamente isso que a Apple quer.
Yes, that is exactly what Apples wants.


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  1. Mike

    Why metade do preço and not meio preço?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Great question Mike. Metade do preço takes into account the actual 50% of the numerical value of something. Notice that it is a noun – a metade. Meio preço is an adjective, implying that there is a half price. In my mind it works better with meia pessoa, which would be half a person, not a complete person, but there isn’t an actual numerical value of 50%. BTW, there is actually a third option, o meio, which is also a noun. When something “está no meio” that means that is located in the very center.