Elementary 63: How Great Is It To Be from Santa Catarina

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Outside of Brazil, we sometimes hear more about São Paulo and Rio than we do about other regions in Brazil. In today’s lesson we get to focus on one of Brazil’s hidden gems, Santa Catarina. Get ready, because you are about to find out about a ton of great things to see and do in Santa Catarina. *Photo courtesy of Dircinha Welter (all rights reserved).

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 A: Você é catarinense, não é?
You are from Santa Catarina, right?
  B: Sou, até os meus avós nasceram aqui.
I am, even my grandparents were born here.
  A: Na sua opinião, qual é o cartão postal do estado?
In your opinion, what would you say is the iconic spot in the state?
  B: Puxa, é difícil, tem tantos: A ponte Hercílio Luz, a Serra do Rio do Rastro e a Prefeitura de Blumenau.
That’s hard to say, there are so many: Hercílio Luz Bridge, a Serra do Rio do Rastro e a Blumenau City Hall.
  A: E qual você gosta mais?
And which one do you like the most?
  B: Bom pra mim, nada é melhor do que o pôr do sol no fundo, um chope na mão, e a família reunida em Santo Antônio de Lisboa.
Well, for me, nothing is better than a sunset in the background, a beer in my hand, and family around me at Santo Antônio de Lisboa.

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