Elementary 06: How Many Languages Do You Speak?

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Since you are trying to learn Portuguese, it only makes sense that we have a lesson on how to say the names of other languages too. And that is what today’s lesson is all about.

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 A: Quantas línguas você fala Orlando?
How many languages do you speak Orlando?
  B: É difícil dizer. Falo mais português e espanhol.
It’s hard to say. I speak more Portuguese and Spanish.
  A: Mas que outras línguas você fala?
But what other languages do you speak?
  B: Um pouquinho de alemão, italiano, e o chinês.
A little bit of German, Italian, and Chinese.
  A: Você não fala francês não?
You don’t speak any French?
  B: Entendo alguma coisa, mas falar é mais difícil.
I understand some of it, but speaking it is more difficult.


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  1. Sophie

    Why is there a “o” before chinês, but nothing in front of alemão e italiano?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Hi Sophie, I wish there was a specific right or wrong answer to when “o” is used, but the truth is that it is optional in each case. You could easily say, “chinês, alemão e italiano” or you can say “o chinês, o alemão e o italiano…” It’s not even a case of regional dialect or formality, it is simply that both can be used…