Elementary 50: I Caught A Really Bad Cold

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There is never a good time to have a cold. But why does it feel that each cold is the worst one ever. We feel bad for you, and we hope you get the rest and medicine that you need. It may be of small consolation, but at least you can talk about your cold in Portuguese now, if you want to.

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 A: E em que eu posso ajudar a senhora?
How may I help you ma’am?
  B: A senhora tem alguma coisa boa para a gripe?
Do you have anything that is good for a cold?
  A: Tenho, a senhora também tem tosse ou só o nariz entupido?
We do, do you also have a cough or just a stuffy nose?
  B: Dor de cabeça, corpo doído, nariz entupido e tosse, peguei uma gripe séria.
Headache, achy body, stuffy nose, and a cough, I caught a bad one.
  A: Bom, toma essa aqui, mas não se esqueça de tomar agua também.
OK, take this one here, but don’t forget to drink water too.
  B: Tá, obrigada, o que mais quero é dormir uns três dias!
OK, thanks, what I most want is to sleep for three days!


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  1. Charmaine

    Would “por três dias” make sense here instead of “uns três dias”? How do you know when to use “uns”?

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Fun question. Think of “por três dias” as specifically three days. And think of “uns três dias” and generally something around three days or so. If fact, even in English we can say, ‘some three days’ which also sounds less specific that ‘for three days.’