Elementary 21: I Don’t Get Art

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Some love museums, and others don’t. What is exceptionally exciting for one person, is the height of boredom for another. Either way, if you do go to the museum, don’t ruin it for the others by making wisecracks, snide comments, and ugly faces during the whole visit. Be nice, and in this lesson we learn to be nice about it in Portuguese.

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 A: Vamos pro museu hoje, tá bom?
Let’s go to the museum today, OK?
  B: Não, vai você, eu não entendo nada de arte.
No, you go, I don’t understand anything about art.
  A: Mas tem uma nova exposição, vai ser legal, viu?
But there is a new exhibit, it’s going to be cool, right?
  B: Tá, mas nada de “como você se sente?” ou “o que isso representa?”
OK, but none of this “how do you feel?” or “what does this represent?”
  A: Tá, mas você também não pode fazer uma cara feia o tempo todo.
OK, but you also can’t make ugly faces the whole time.
  B: Claro, vamos “expandir os nossos horizontes artísticos.”
Sure, lets’ go “expand our artistic horizons.”


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  1. Rie

    Hi, I really enjoy the program. Thank you very much for all your efforts to make it happen.
    I am writing this just to let you know that the introductory text of this lesson is the one from I Nearly Froze To Death.

    1. Orlando Kelm

      Shoot, better take a peek at that and adjust things, thanks.

  2. Sam

    Loved the clarification “Tempo todo” vs “Todo tempo.” Nunca pensei nisso.

    Estou usando esse website quase todo dia. Obrigado!