Elementary 29: I Dreamt About You

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Why are our dreams so weird? Really, it seems like our subconscious has some pretty creative ways to freak out while we sleep. And in today’s lesson we even learn to interpret the meaning of your bizarre dreams too, in Portuguese that is.

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 A: Sabe que eu sonhei com você ontem à noite.
You know that I dreamt about you last night.
  B: Sério, como foi isso?
Really, what was it about?
  A: Muito estranho, você tinha asas e saia voando.
Really strange, you had wings and flew away.
  B: Ah é, isso simboliza minha coragem e meu poder.
Oh yes, this symbolizes my courage and power.
  A: Não sei, você fugiu quando te apresentei a um rapaz bem lindo.
I don’t know, you were running away when I introduced you to a handsome guy.
  B: Ah, vai ver então que simboliza minha timidez e minha falta de confiança.
Oh, well you see that it symbolizes my shyness and my lack of confidence.

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