Elementary 34: Let’s Take Your Blood Pressure

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We all know, it’s one thing to exercise, but we still need to watch what we eat. Looks like in this lesson we learn that by eating less salt and by drinking less coffee, chances are that our blood pressure will improve. At least that is what we hope, and now that hope can be expressed in Portuguese too.

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 A: Vamos tirar a pressão também.
Let’s take your blood pressure too.
  B: Acho que vai ser melhor, parei de comer tanto sal.
I think it’s going to be better, I have stopped eating so much salt.
  A: Vamos ver, 12 por 8, muito bom, melhorou bastante.
Let’s see, 120 over 80, very good, it has improved a lot.
  B: Tá vendo doutor, tão forte quanto os jovens!
You see doctor, as strong as the young ones!
  A: Ah é? E a cafeína, você ainda está tomando o café?
Oh yes? And the caffeine, are you still drinking coffee?
  B: Muito menos, não tomo nada depois das 18:00hrs.
Much less, I don’t drink any after 6:00pm.

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