Elementary 54: Movie Tickets

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There are times when we all wish that we were poets, right? Wouldn’t it be great to write verses that inspire others, or cause others to feel a certain way? Even if that dream is beyond your current reach, at least we can appreciate the poetry of others. Today we learn to talk about the characteristics of classic sonnets.

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 A: Dois ingressos para Wolverine 3 das 18:30, por favor.
Two tickets for Wolverine 3 at 6:30pm please.
  B: Desculpa senhora, a sessão das 18:30 já está esgotada.
I’m sorry ma’am, the 6:30 showing is all sold out.
  A: Bom, você ainda tem vaga para mais tarde?
OK, do you have any openings for later on?
  B: Tem sim. Tem lugar ainda para a das 20h30, mas só na sala XD, pode ser?
Yes, there are. There are still seats for 8:30pm, but just in the XD room, will that do?
  A: Quanto é o XD?
How much is the XD?
  B: Hoje é quarta, são R$ 25,00 o dia todo.
Today is Wednesday, it’s R$ 25 reals all day.
  A: E a inteira?
And the regular ones?
  B: R$32,00
R$32 reals.
  A: Tá, me dá então dois ingressos para a sessão das 20h30 por favor.
OK, give me two fro the 8:30pm please.

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